With gardening classes spread through the season, students love seeing nature change month by month.  They come away with new ideas for landscaping their own home, growing fruits and vegetables organically, and money savings ways to enrich their soil and reduce pests and disease.  They become confident, fearless gardeners who go home to transform their own landscapes into a paradise of their own. They consistently tell me my gardening program “far exceeded” their expectations – and they often come back for another year.

This is my seventh year of offering “hands-on” classes.  It is a great joy for me to share research based horticultural practices and practical experience I have gained over 25 years of gardening.

I guarantee that you will learn things in every class that will delight you and that you can put to use immediately in your own garden.

Time spent outside creating your own gardens can give tremendous peace and satisfaction. It is magical to plant a tiny seed and watch it grow into a bouquet of zinnias, make your own gorgeous flower arrangements without going to the store, grow the freshest basil and tomatoes for your bruschetta, and eat fresh figs still warm from the sun.  You may think you are nurturing your plants, but will really be nurturing your soul.

Please view the Course Details and Course Schedule for the topics and dates that you like.  You can access helpful gardening information right away through my Web Links page.  You will receive a password to access the Course Materials pages as soon as you register for classes.


Classes are taught in the Garden.